ARPTalk, Issue 21

July 22, 2009

Welcome to the twenty-first (21st) issue of ARPTalk. Featured in ARPTalk(21) are the following four (4) articles:


(21.1.1)     Letter from Miss Karis Tucker – Miss Tucker tells why she did not attend Erskine College and offers advice to President Randy Ruble on developing a “Christian worldview” at Erskine.

(21.1.2)     Article by Dr. Jay Adam – Stand Alone?– Dr. Adams encourages Bible-believing people to stand for the truth of the Bible—even if they have to stand alone.

(21.1.3)     Article Dr. Dr. Fred Carr – God-Sent Revival at Erskine– Dr. Carr details his dream for Erskine.

(21.2)     DON’T EXPECT ANOTHER WEATHERMAN AT ERSKINE – by    Charles W. Wilson – This Search Committee is not going to recruit a candidate for Vice President and Academic Dean of Erskine College who will “embrace the mission” as Dr. Weatherman did. The Editor hopes he is proved wrong!

(21.3)     THE REALAITY, THE SMOKESCREEN, AND THE ASPIRATIONS – by Charles W. Wilson – These are the Editor’s responses to the criticisms of those who are opposed to Erskine becoming the college of her mission.

(21.4)     THE POWERFUL WORD – by Dr. R. J. Gore – This is the text of the sermon that Dr. Gore preached at the 2009 Pre-Synod Conference on the inerrancy of the Bible.

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Charles (“Chuck”) W. Wilson


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