ARPTalk, Issue 24

Welcome to the twenty-fourth (24th) issue of ARPTalk. Featured in ARPTalk(24) are the following three (3) articles:

(24.1.1)         “Letter from Matt Richardson” – Mr. Richardson and his wife are 1995 Erskine College graduates. In his letter, Mr. Richardson articulates his concerns regarding Erskine College.

(24.2)     DENIAL IS NOT JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT! The Editor of ARPTalk is sure that there are those who mightily disagree with his assessment of Erskine College and Seminary. Well, consider the seven news items in this article. They reveal that the Erskine administration is not interested in remedial efforts to correct the culture at Erskine. The administration is continuing with more of the same policies of ignoring the concerns of the ARP Church. It seems that the administration is in denial. Indeed, denial is not just a river in Egypt!

(24.3)     THE MINISTRY OF THE ERSKINE CHAPLAIN: OUTSTANDING – Is there a ministry at Erskine College of which we in the ARP Church can be proud and whole-heartedly support? Yes. This article is copied from the Erskine Net News, 10/7/09.

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If you are new to ARPTalk, ARPTalk is NOT an official voice of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The purposes of ARPTalk are two-fold: (1) To inform and educate the ministers and laypeople of ARPdom on significant issues that are before ARPdom; and (2) To give voice to and encouragement to those who feel they have been ignored and marginalized.

If you have thoughts, articles, reviews, criticisms, or news that are of interest to the ministers and laypersons of ARPdom, and you submit them, they will most likely be publish in ARPTalk. If you would like to speak with the Editor, you may reach him at 864.882.6337.

If you have missed past issues of ARPTalk, the blog-site is used archivally to store past issues. If that doesn’t work, email the Editor at and copies will be sent to you.

I hope you find ARPTalk(24) interesting and informative. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Thank you for reading ARPTalk(24).

Charles (“Chuck”) W. Wilson


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