ARPTalk, Issue 18

May 28, 2009

Welcome to the eighteenth (18th) issue of ARPTalk. Featured in ARPTalk(18) are the following two (2) articles:


 (18.1.1) Letter from Rev. Peter G. Rambo, Sr., Pastor, Hope ARP Church –Rev. Rambo writes in support of the Memorial from First Presbytery that calls for a Commission to investigate the troubling matters at Erskine College and Seminary.

 (18.1.2) Letter from Erskine Alumnae Miss Tré Wylie –Miss Wylie calls for an investigation of Erskine College.

 (18.1.3) Letter from Erskine Alumnus Mr. Daniel Wells in Response to Mr. Carey Whitman’s Remarks on “Erskine Action” – In this article, Mr. Wells responds to Mr. Whitman’s uncertainties about the teachings of Karl Barth on the authority of the Bible.

(18.2) ERSKINE SEMINARY LEADERSHIP AND INERRANCY, by Rev. Mark Wright, Unity ARP Church – Rev. Wright asks a disturbing question:  - “Has the leadership of Erskine Theological Seminary sought to mislead the ARP Church regarding the stance of the Seminary faculty on the inerrancy of Scripture?” 

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Normal 0 If you are new to ARPTalk, ARPTalk is NOT an official voice of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. The purposes of ARPTalk are two-fold: (1) To inform and educate the ministers and laypeople of ARPdom on significant issues that are before ARPdom; and (2) To give voice to and encouragement to those who feel they have been ignored and marginalized.

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Charles (“Chuck”) W. Wilson

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