September 8, 2009

Welcome to the twenty-third (23rd) issue of ARPTalk. Featured in ARPTalk(23) are the following five (5) articles:


(23.1.1)   “Carolinas New Church Community,” by Dr. James T. Corbitt – Too often the Editor reports on controversies in the ARP Church. Too often the Editor reports on what is “wrong” with the ARP Church. However, there is much that is going very well with the ARP Church. Church planting is going well. Dr. Corbitt report on a recent meeting for church planters where the emphasis was put on preaching. The seminar on preaching was lead by Dr. R. J. Gore. Dr. Gore has both a Ph.D. and a D.Min. His D.Min. dissertation was on preaching.

(23.2)     ERSKINE COLLEGE’S RANKING CONTINUES TO FALL,by Charles W. Wilson – Historically, a liberal arts college, for the second year now, Erskine College has been ranked as a baccalaureate college by US New and World Report. The difference this year is a drop in rank from second to third. Interestingly, in this most recent ranking, Erskine College is surrounded by Christian evangelical colleges. Many on the Erskine administration and faculty have cried out that academic excellence, scientific integrity, and a Christian worldview cannot be combined. Well, these “top” ranked and much larger schools, that Erskine College is now surrounded by, are able to do that.

(23.3)     ERSKINE PR: NOT EVERY ERSKINE PROFESSOR A CHRISTIAN, by Charles W. Wilson – In the last issue of Inside Erskine, the Erskine College PR department has released an article that states that not every Erskine College is a Christian. Whoa! The Manual of Authorities and Duties of the ARP Church requires that all administrators and faculty members be able give evidence of evangelical Christian faith.

(23.4)     THE CULTURE OF INTIMIDATION CONTINUES UNABATED AT ERSKINE COLLEGE, by Charles W. Wilson – It is a new school year and, in spite of the actions of the General Synod in June, noting has changed at Erskine College.

(23.5)     ERSKINE THEOLGICAL SEMINARY DECLINING, by Charles W. Wilson – Recently, in an article in The Layman Online, the author wrote that Dr. H. Neely Gaston, the Executive Vice President of ETS, said that ETS is growing because of an influx of non-ARPs. Well, the statistics indicate otherwise—a decline for ETS.

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Charles (“Chuck”) W. Wilson


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